Abbott attacks world's poor to fund East-West: Bandt

Greens MP for Melbourne, Adam Bandt MP, has slammed Tony Abbott's announcement that he would fund the East-West tollway by cutting Australia's aid budget. 

"We've long known that Tony Abbott wants to wreck inner-city Melbourne by driving a tollway through it and turning our communities into a rat's nest of on- and off-ramps," said Mr Bandt.

"Today we've learned something even more shocking. Tony Abbott will take money from the world's poorest people to drive a polluting tollway through the middle of Melbourne."

"Tony Abbott must come clean and tell us which people will lose health services and food to fund this polluting tollway."

"I don't know what part of Catholic teaching says it's OK to take money from the world's poor to build a multi-billion dollar tollway, but perhaps Tony Abbott can enlighten us when he tell us exactly which people will suffer from these cuts."

"As the Deputy Leader of the Greens, I will stand up to Tony Abbott and we will use our numbers in Parliament to block the worst excesses of an Abbott government."