Abbott Cuts Safety Net For Redundant Employees

Responding to the Government tabling the Fair Entitlements Guarantee Amendment Bill 2014, Deputy Greens Leader and Workplace Relations spokesperson Adam Bandt MP condemned the Government cutting support for redundant employees whose company goes under.

“Not content with putting off the retirement age, the Abbott Government is now moving to cut Government support  for workers whose employer goes under and leaves them in the lurch,” said Mr Bandt.

“This surprise attack on people rights at work was not part of the Government’s election platform.

“By reducing the Government guarantee for redundancy payment to 16 weeks, many long-serving and older workers will be hit hardest if their company goes under and their entitlement don’t get paid.

“What is a 50-year-old worker with 20 years’ of service to do if their redundancy pay evaporates through no fault of their own? Tony Abbott is leaving them without a safety net.

“At the same time as the Government turns its back on many large companies with long-serving employees, like Qantas and Holden, it is also cutting the safety net for workers whose companies go under.

“This Bill is a bid to shift responsibility from the Commonwealth, and some employees will lose out as a result.

“The Abbott Government’s move to cut ‘fair entitlement’ redundancy payouts will hit older, loyal workers especially hard.

“The message Tony Abbott  is sending loyal employees is that, despite your years of service and dedication, the Government will leave you in the lurch if you company goes under.