In Melbourne, we protect the ABC

The ABC is the most trusted news organisation in the country. It’s fair, it’s funny, it’s impartial and it’s essential. It delivers news, comedy and sport to almost every corner of this country. And, it’s under attack, with the conservatives taking their meddling to even greater heights. 

But in Melbourne, we will fiercely protect the ABC. 

The ABC needs the support of the public now, more than ever. Will you sign our petition today and add your voice to the call to protect our ABC?

The Federal Government wants to tear our ABC apart. 

Earlier this year, the Liberal Party executive voted to sell off our ABC and the government has already cut more than $250 million from our public broadcaster. 

Now it has emerged that the ABC Chairman Justin Milne has been inappropriately pressuring our independent broadcaster to appease his conservative mates in the government, calling for journalists to be sacked and the ABC to reverse decisions like moving the date of the Hottest 100 away from January 26. 

We have to send a strong message to the government that Australians want to see the ABC protected. 

Let's show the government that Melbourne won't allow our public broadcaster to be controlled by the conservative whims of political appointments. Sign our petition today and pledge your support for our precious public broadcaster.



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Will you sign?