Aircraft Noise Survey

In recent years, aircraft noise has increased significantly over homes in suburbs including East Melbourne, Richmond, Fitzroy, Kensington and Docklands - putting Melbourne's liveability under strain.

Adam has worked with local residents, Greens Senator Janet Rice, Ellen Sandell MP and Greens Councillors Rohan Leppert and Cathy Oke to push for action. We have pursued every available opportunity to fix this problem – but it is clear that to protect Melbourne’s liveability we need to change the law on aircraft noise.

Adam has introduced the Air Services Amendment Bill 2018 to tackle aircraft noise and give residents a voice. The bill will give greater protections to communities affected by aircraft noise by better regulating residential airspace, creating a new ombudsman and Community Aviation Advocate to speak up for residents, and by prohibiting flights of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft below 2,000m above sea level within 5km of central Melbourne, with clear exemptions in the public interest for emergency services, hospitals, defence, and other like aircraft. You can read the bill in full here.

To help us better understand the ways that aircraft noise affects Melbourne constituents, we want to hear from you about your experiences. Please let us know if noise is an issue in your suburb below.

Tell us about your experience with aircraft noise in inner Melbourne.

How often do you hear aircraft noise? In what ways does it affect you? Are there specific issues relating to aircraft noise that you would like to see addressed?