Alan Jones Must Go

Radio listeners have been subjected to another racial slur after Alan Jones once again dropped the N-word as part of a foul-mouthed, despicable rant.

In October, he aggressively interviewed and bullied the CEO of the Opera House on his show, and convinced the Premier to turn the Opera House into a promotional billboard for horse-racing.

Racism is not acceptable anywhere. Bullying is not acceptable anywhere. Alan Jones must go.

Will you sign our petition calling on 2GB to sack Alan Jones?

Alan Jones reaches thousands of Australians every day. But he continues to use his platform to spread hate and bully anyone who disagrees with him.

And this isn't the first time Alan Jones has used his platform for a racist attack. 

This hateful language has no place on our airwaves, or in our country. We're calling on 2GB to sack him. 

Read more here about his racist slur.

Read more here about the Opera House decision.


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