Bandt welcomes Kennett intervention

Greens Deputy Leader and Federal Member for Melbourne Adam Bandt MP has thanked Jeff Kennett for his intervention in the Melbourne election campaign.

Mr Bandt said that the former Liberal Premier’s call for a Labor – Liberal preference deal in Melbourne has highlighted how close the old parties have become in their desperation to prevent alternative voices in the Parliament.

“Thanks, Jeff. If he’s now backing my opponent and calling for me to be ‘wiped out’, I must be doing something right.”

“Jeff Kennett endorsing my opponent is the best political advertisement I would have hoped for. I’ll be putting it on my campaign leaflets.”

“Jeff Kennett and Liberal policies, and have voted together on many policies, like attacking single parents, cutting universities’ funds or sticking to pitifully low pollution targets. This highlights just how close the old parties have become.”

“Our campaign has been built on the assumption Labor and Tony Abbott would collaborate on preferences. If we continue our strong campaign focused on standing up for refugees and Labor’s cuts to clean energy and universities, we will hold this seat regardless of the old parties preference deal.