Big four banks must make 'corporate social responsibility' a reality: Bandt

Responding to allegations that the big four banks were underwriting land-grabs in the developing world, Greens Deputy Leader and Finance spokesperson said that the banks need to live up to their pledges of corporate social responsibility and refuse to fund activities that hurt people or the environment.
“Australia’s ‘big four’ banks each make much of their corporate social responsibility,” said Mr Bandt.
"Rhetoric about corporate social responsibility is all well and good but the test is living by those ideals as they conduct day to day business.

"If these allegations are true, it raises questions about the big four banks' real level of commitment to people and the environment.
“It is important for the big four banks not to forget that they make bigger profits because of the guarantee given to them by Australia’s taxpayers. 
“The big four banks in Australia are in rude financial health, in large part because of the support they receive from taxpayers and the government.
“The big banks must stop financing projects that hurt people and the environment, and that includes getting out of fossil fuels,” said Mr Bandt.