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Across Melbourne, we’re finding that too many Labor voters don’t understand that a vote for Bill Shorten is a vote for Adani, a vote for more coal, and a vote for a half-baked plan for climate change.

We need to get this in front of Labor voters across Melbourne via digital ads by Saturday morning. Can you chip in $15 to help show it to 1,000 voters in inner city Melbourne? It will be seen by voters in not just Melbourne, but Higgins, Wills, Kooyong and Macnamara, so you’ll be helping in all our target electorates in Victoria.

This is the climate election. We need as many Greens in the next Parliament as possible to hold Bill Shorten to account to take real climate action. 

Chip in today to make sure people know that without a plan for coal, you don’t have a plan for climate change.

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