Bring Them Here

Labor and the Liberals are in lockstep on refugees. They have become desensitised to the unimaginable pain and suffering Australia’s policies have caused the people who have been locked up in offshore hellholes.

But, there’s an opening for change.

Years of community and Greens pressure has forced some inside Labor to come to their senses. At Labor’s upcoming National Conference, there may be a debate about the party's refugee policies. This shows Labor will respond to community pressure, so let’s ramp it up.

Add your voice and join us as we declare Melbourne Says Bring Them Here. 

At the Victorian State Labor conference last weekend, Bill Shorten maintained his commitment to stopping the boats, while the factions shut down debate on refugee and asylum seeker policy. 

Labor must change their way and commit to a policy of closing the camps and bringing refugees here. 

Some within Labor are recognising the need for a change in policy, but we need to break this deadlock before more lives are destroyed. By signing our petition you can send a strong message that people in Melbourne and around the country want to see Labor adopt a more just and compassionate policy.


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