Cladding - Parliamentary Petition

Download the Parliamentary petition here.

Dangerous flammable cladding in Melbourne and around the country is an emergency. We can’t sit by and wait while thousands of residents are in danger.

At least 642 buildings around Victoria have been identified as having potentially flammable cladding. Thousands of residents are in danger.

The Victorian government is telling residents that they will have to pick up the bill for fixing cladding. But it shouldn’t be left to residents and owners to pay up to $60,000 because others cut corners.

Governments must ban the importation and use of dangerous cladding, urgently remove dangerous cladding from existing buildings, and later recoup costs from those responsible.

Adam Bandt will formally table in the House of Representatives a petition calling for direct government action to fix this disaster.

This parliamentary petition must be completed on paper. Print sheets from this PDF and collect signatures.

Return the pages with signatures to the electorate office of Adam Bandt MP at 296 Brunswick St, Fitzroy no later than Monday 15 July 2019.

Note: you can also sign our online petition to make Melbourne's buildings safe here. This petition is important in building pressure for action, but signatures will not be formally tabled as part of the above petition.