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Coal and gas are the biggest causes of the climate crisis. We should be taking urgent action for a safe future – but instead, Labor and the Liberals take millions in donations from big coal and gas corporations and billionaires.

In return, the major parties' corporate mates get special treatment. Many of the biggest coal and gas companies pay no tax and they send their profits offshore. And now, the Liberals and Labor are backing plans for more coal and gas.

‘It's simple: If you don’t have a plan to phase out coal and gas, you don’t have a plan for the climate emergency.’

We now have no choice. The next decade is critical. We need to rapidly transition our power grid to wind and solar backed by storage, and electrify our transport, businesses and homes to run on clean energy. If we protect our environment and restore the land, farms and forests as well, we will draw down pollution and play our part in turning the climate crisis around.

The clean energy revolution will create hundreds of thousands of well-paid, long-term jobs, enabling workers in fossil fuel industries to transition and farmers to be paid to farm carbon and protect the land.

To unlock this revolution, the government will need to lead the way with public investment in renewable generation, storage and transforming the power grid.

Melbourne has had a major impact on the national climate agenda by voting Greens. The only time in modern history pollution went down in this country was when the Greens were in shared power. We secured world-leading climate legislation and a $13 billion investment in clean energy.

Liberal and Labor are holding back this brighter future because they want to protect their political donations from the billionaires and big corporations that mine and burn coal and gas.

The Greens will push the Labor government to go further and faster. We will tackle the climate crisis by phasing out coal and gas, while creating thousands of clean jobs rolling out renewable energy.

Adam and the Greens will:

  • Immediately ban the construction of new coal, oil and gas infrastructure, ensuring we can transition our economy to zero carbon energy while maintaining a safe climate
  • Help out mining workers and communities by creating long term, sustainable industries to assist in the move beyond fossil fuels and to ensure people do not lose work
  • Phase out the mining, burning and export of thermal coal by 2030 to ensure we do our bit, so the world does not go over the 1.5 degree climate cliff
  • Stop the massive subsidies to big coal, oil and gas corporations - over $10b each year and reinvest the money into the clean energy transition
  • Provide financial support to households and small businesses to get off gas and move to electric alternatives, that are better for our health and the environment
  • Deliver financial support to get more households installing batteries to maximise their use of renewables such as solar power
  • Create a non-profit publicly owned retailer to push down power bills and increase take-up of green energy
  • Legislate to make fossil fuel companies pay to clean up their mess, and reinvesting those funds in our infrastructure - from floodproofing stormwater drains, to improving the capacity of our transport systems to handle heat waves.
  • Keep people safe as we battle global heating and work to return the world to a safe climate, by increasing vital funding for emergency services like firefighters

Read more about our plan to tackle the climate emergency, with a job-for-job guarantee for coal workers and a rapid build of renewable energy

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