Stop the Climate Criminals

“This is coal. Do not be afraid. Do not be scared. It will not hurt you.” -- Scott Morrison, February 9, 2017.

At a time when the world is burning, the climate deniers in the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government are wrecking our climate and locking us into a future dependent on coal.

It wasn’t long ago that Scott Morrison, the new Prime Minister, brandished and then lovingly stroked a lump of coal, provided to him by his mates in the Minerals Council, on the floor of the House of Representatives.

We need to kick this mob out. Add your name to our petition and help us kick out these climate criminals.


Coal will hurt you. In fact, it is hurting millions of people right around the world. Coal kills.

This year, in winter, bushfires have scorched this country. 100% of NSW is in drought. The Arctic Circle is on fire.

The Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government has given up on climate action. They've proven that they are incapable of enacting a coherent, effective climate policy.

The only option left for our planet is to KICK. THIS. MOB. OUT.

Join us.

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