Condemn Climate Deniers

Malcolm Roberts, One Nation Senator for Queensland, has used his maiden speech in the Senate to spread lies about climate change. Stand up for climate science and truthfulness in our Parliament and add your name to our petition.

To Senator Malcolm Roberts,

The Senate is no place for lies and climate denialism. The science is clear, the threat faced by climate change is real. It’s time to face the truth on the senate floor.

Malcolm Roberts has just been elected to the Senate as part of Pauline Hanson’s refreshed One Nation team, and his using his position to spread misinformation about climate change.

Robert’s believes there is ‘not one piece of empirical evidence anywhere, showing humans cause [climate change]’, and that Australian institutions like the CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology are deceiving the public and corrupting data.

We can’t afford to have these dangerous views in our Parliament. It’s time for Malcolm Roberts to face the facts, accept the risks of climate change and support action to build a sustainable future.

Will you sign?