Labor: Coal is not clean

Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott want to keep coal open for longer with their new 'National Energy Guarantee' (NEG).

The Greens have urged Labor to work with together with us to fight climate change, instead of working with Tony Abbott. But, Labor is saying that they only plan on working with the government. 

Now, they're preparing to do a dirty deal on the 'NEG' that will curb renewables and subsidise dirty coal.

Australia’s climate and energy future is hanging in the balance.

Tell Bill Shorten and Labor that coal is not clean.


The Turnbull government, hounded by Tony Abbott and the coal industry, killed off the Chief Scientist's plan for a Clean Energy Target and instead, is trying to keep dirty and ageing coal fired power stations open for longer. Now, we've got the 'National Energy Guarantee' instead, which will curb renewables and encourage dirty coal to stay in the system longer.

We offered to work with Labor to implement effective climate policy. Instead, Labor wants to work with government on a target that would subsidise coal.

Labor has a choice. It can work with the Greens to stop this crazy commitment to coal, kick out a rotten government in climate denial and then develop an effective energy policy. Or, it can prop up a dying Coalition government with an 'energy guarantee' that keeps coal in the system for longer.

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