Cormann’s Budget Sound Bites Don’t Cut It

Responding to comments made by Finance Minister Mathias Cormann this morning, Greens Finance spokesperson Adam Bandt MP said that Mr Cormann’s suggestion that there was no alternative to the Government’s widely-hated Budget is wrong.

“After a long winter break, the Budget is still unfair and the Government still has no plan to get it through Parliament,” said Mr Bandt.

“Repeating worn-out sound bites won’t pass the Budget.

“Mathias Cormann is flat out wrong to suggest that there is no alternative to the unfair and widely-detested Budget.

“Rather than threatening and blackmailing Parliamentarians, the Government should stand up to big business.

“By axing subsidies to fossil fuel companies and asking the big bans to pay a bit more, we could balance the Budget fairly.

“These measures would raise billions in revenue but instead the Government continues to penalise the young, the sick, the unemployed, the poor and the elderly,” said Mr Bandt.