Jobs of the future

The old parties wasted the mining boom and have failed to plan for the future as resource investment winds down. Adam and the Greens have a plan to drive innovation, roll out the NBN and tackle job security.

Our future lies with our minds, not our mines. The old parties wasted the resources boom and failed to plan for the future as mining investment winds down. Manufacturing in Australia has been under increasing pressure. Meanwhile, the industries that will sustain us in the future – research, healthcare, education, clean energy – are regularly attacked by the old parties. Melbourne is home to world-leading health and medical research. However, governments routinely threaten funding cuts to this vital area of society and the economy.

Instead of spending the current $12 billion that subsidises the fossil fuel industries of the past, the Greens will use these dollars to back the jobs growth areas of the future. Innovation through research and development is critical for promoting new industries and jobs as well as supporting current employment.

Creating jobs, Driving innovation

  • The Greens' goal is to establish Australia as a world leader in science and research by increasing public and private investment to 4% of GDP by 2030.
  • Providing over $500 million for into research and development to improve energy efficiency, industrial substitution and low emissions steel to assist industry and manufacturers in becoming more energy efficient.

The Greens will:

  • Secure and boost research funding.
  • Reverse Labor and Liberal cuts to universities and research programs.
  • Increase funding for STEM education.
  • Reverse years of funding cuts and prevent further cuts to the CSIRO.
  • Support women in science, providing funding for women in science and research as well as early to mid-career researchers.

Super-fast Broadband

Adam and the Greens are committed to a 21st Century NBN, finished with the best-choice technology.

  • We’ll stop the sell-off of the NBN and increase internet speeds.
  • Adam helped connect public housing tower blocks to the NBN and is pushing for faster roll outs in Melbourne.

Secure jobs

Growing job insecurity has meant that many people, like university workers and teachers, can’t plan their lives, because they don’t know from year to year if they’ll have a job. Adam has introduced legislation to Parliament to tackle job insecurity and continues to fight for job security in and outside of Parliament.