Donate to put an anti-CSG ad in the paper next weekend

Thank you for considering donating and for supporting our campaign to make CSG a key issue in the upcoming by-election. 

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In 16 days, voters in South-West Coast will go to the polls to replace former Premier Denis Napthine. This by-election is a chance to show the old parties that people will take their strong opposition to coal seam gas and fracking all the way to the ballot box. 

We know that people in South-West Coast care about protecting their land and community from toxic unconventional gas. A poll earlier this year found that a massive 3 out of 4 voters in this seat oppose CSG. Now we need to let them know how they can use their vote on October 31 to take a stand against unconventional gas and help stop it getting a toehold in their community.

Can you join me and Ellen Sandell in taking a stand against CSG and chip in now to help us place an ad in the local paper one week before they head to the polls?

Who's donating: from Fitzroy, Australia donated. Thank you!