CSIRO cuts announcement shocking: Bandt

Tony Abbott most anti-science PM we have ever had

Greens Deputy Leader and science spokesperson has condemned massive job and program cuts reportedly outlined by the CSIRO today and said the scale of the cuts was shocking.

Mr Bandt said the cuts outlined in the CEO's Annual Directions Statement as a result of the government's S115 million Budget cut prove yet again Tony Abbott was Australia's most anti-science Prime Minister the country has ever had.

"Tony Abbott is the most anti-science Prime Minister we have ever had," Mr Bandt said.

"Over 700 jobs cut and eight sites to be shut with more to come."

"Key research programs in agriculture, food and health, energy and resources, manufacturing, productivity and services, environment and radio astronomy will all be cut."

"Geothermal power has the potential to power parts of Australia and replace coal, but CSIRO research in this area is now at an end.

"The complete scrapping of geothermal research is a big setback for Australia's clean energy industry and is an appalling decision."

"These cuts are a shocking indictment of the government's commitment to science and research. The Greens will fight these cuts."

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