Denticare for everyone

Costed policies rather empty campaign promises, while the other parties dig holes The Greens and I work to cover the gaps in health care. 

Today we took the last vital step in delivering Denticare with my college Senator Richard Di Natale and I releasing a costed policy that can make Denticare for everyone a reality.


Everyone should have the same easy access to dental care as they do the family doctor, and under the current system the high cost of a simple check-up is denying many Australians basic treatments.

Starting with those that need it the most, pensioners followed by concession card holders, our policy will start to cover all Australians and by January 3.4 million kids will be able to go to the dentist free of charge with Medicare entitlement.

Universal healthcare isn’t a dream, by voting Green you can wake up in Australia in which everyone one of us is looked after and that’s a reason to smile.

People often say a smile is free, that’s our plan.

Read The Greens’ plan for Denticare for everyone