Australia - don't be a roadblock at Bonn

Australia has a long history of 'cooking the books' on climate change. Even at Kyoto, while other countries were trying to reduce emissions, Australia threw a tantrum and got a special deal so we could pollute more.

Our paltry Paris commitments are another example of Australia not pulling its weight on climate change.

This year, at Bonn, the world is coming together to implement the Paris Agreement. Call on Australia not be a roadblock as the world takes action on climate change.

In Bonn we shouldn’t be dragging our feet, but instead joining other countries who are leading on climate action. 

As a wealthy nation we shouldn’t angling for special treatment, but we should be pushing for faster, deeper pollution cuts while helping more vulnerable, developing countries deal with devastating climate impacts.

This is a critical test of global willpower. Our goal of keeping the world well below 2 degrees is a hollow one unless we have a plan to get there.

Let's hold Malcolm Turnbull to account. Call on Australia not to roadblock critical action on climate change at Bonn.

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