• Saturday, July 28, 2018 at 10:00 AM · 10 rsvps
    TBC in Kensington, Australia

    Justice for Refugees Day of Action - Kensington

    Australia’s policy of endless, hopeless detention is designed to break people. We torture them and they die in our camps so politicians like Peter Dutton can peddle the politics of fear and division. People who have done nothing more than flee for their lives.

    Sadly, Dutton and the Liberals won’t change their minds on this horrendously cruel, punitive policy. But the Labor Party might, and they're likely to form the next government.

    In December, Labor will meet for their national conference, where they'll decide whether to change their refugee policy.

    We're campaigning hard to force the ALP to finally abandon their cruel position. We know that pressure from Greens can shift Labor's policy, especially in Melbourne's inner city where Labor feels most under threat from growing Greens support.

    Join us on Saturday July 28 to have powerful conversations with voters in the inner-city, asking them to join our campaign to force Labor the shift their position and finally deliver justice for refugees.

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