Fight the Drought

99% of NSW is in drought, yet our Prime Minister is a coal-hugger who refuses to properly acknowledge the link between climate change and devastating drought. 

If Scott Morrison was as serious about fighting this drought like he says he is, he would get serious about quitting coal and tackling climate change. 

Will you sign our petition calling on Scott Morrison and the Liberals to recognise the link between drought and climate change?

Scientific analysis by the University of Melbourne suggests the current crisis is likely the worst drought Australia has experienced in over 400 years. 

Yet when Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison visited drought impacted areas in Queensland, he refused to recognise the link between climate change and drought. 

Brett Finlay, the former president of the National Farmers' Federation has accused the government of shirking effective policy work on fighting climate change and drought and called on Scott Morrison to adopt a drought policy framed on what we know about climate change. 

Australians are hurting through this drought. With their livelihoods under the threat, the Liberals must do better then pandering to the coal-huggers of their backbench and instead get serious about fighting climate change and fighting drought. 

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