Early Voting

Your Vote is powerful. 

Adam Bandt is your local MP, Melbourne's progressive independent voice in the middle of Parliament. He will continue to be a stronger representative than a backbencher under the sway of of the factions. 

This year it's easier than ever to have a say in the upcoming election. You can download our How to Vote Card if you'd like a guide on how to fill in your ballot paper. 

There are 2 ways that you can cast your vote: 

Visit an early voting centre 

You're eligible to vote early if on July 2: 

  • are outside the electorate where you are enrolled to vote
  • are more than 8km from a polling place
  • are travelling
  • are unable to leave your workplace to vote
  • are seriously ill, infirm or due to give birth shortly (or caring for someone who is)
  • are a patient in hospital and can't vote at the hospital
  • have religious beliefs that prevent you from attending a polling place
  • are in prison serving a sentence of less than three years or otherwise detained
  • are a silent elector
  • have a reasonable fear for your safety.

There are 3 early voting centres within Melbourne, open every weekday from 8am to 6pm between now and the election:

Vote on polling day

You can vote at one of the 32 booths around the electorate on Saturday July 2. Head here to find your closest booth.



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