Stop the East West Toll

The Victorian Liberals have just announced their plans to bring back from the dead the dirty, polluting, East-West toll. 

In 2014, we stopped the East-West Link with a massive community led campaign. We can do it again. 

Will you add your voice to our campaign to stop the East-West Toll?

The Liberals are going hard on roads this election. If we don’t stop them, they’ll waste $30 billion to build roads that won’t fix Melbourne’s transport woes, but will entrench car congestion in our city.

We can’t rely on Labor to stop the Liberals’ obsession with roads; they’re already building the West Gate toll road and the North-East toll road, with the Liberals’ support.  

The East-West Link will increase pollution and clog our city with more cars. The Greens have a plan to fix Melbourne's public transport. We'll be fighting to keep Melbourne liveable and bring Melbourne transport into the 21st century. 

Will you sign?