Election called for September 14

The election has been called for September 14. Now we know the date when together we will decide on a future for our country. The election will be about how best to care for people and the environment, while continuing to act on climate change and securing the economy beyond the mining boom.

To do this we must be prepared to stand up to big business and ensure we have the revenue to fund the education, health and community services Australians need.

Here in Melbourne people will have a clear choice. We can provide leadership on these issues or we can go back to being taken for granted by one of the old parties.

The old parties have deep pockets and they will try and grab Melbourne back by spending big. So we will run the biggest people-powered election campaign ever to even the balance.

We want people in Melbourne to know their vote is powerful. To do this, you need to get on board. Please enrol to vote now, donate and sign up to be part of this exciting campaign.

Together we will make a difference.