Electricity prices double that of carbon tax

A new analysis conducted by Melbourne University researchers and released by the Australian Greens spokesperson on climate and energy, Adam Bandt MP, shows prices in the National Electricity Market are now over double the prices experienced when the Greens/Labor carbon price was in place. The volume weighted price soared during the recent quarter (Dec2016-Feb2017) to $134 dollars a megawatt hour, compared to the $65-67 during the carbon price. Electricity is now also more expensive in NSW under Liberal State and Federal governments than under the Greens/Labor carbon price.

“Electricity is more expensive under the Liberals than under the Greens/Labor carbon price,” Mr Bandt said.

 "In fact, even with a carbon price and a higher Renewable Energy Target, electricity was cheaper under the Greens/Labor arrangement than under the Liberals."

 “Electricity costs are up, pollution is up and the Liberals’ credibility is shot. This is 'game over' for the Liberals' electricity bill scare campaign."

 “The Liberals’ coal crusade is hurting consumers. The Liberals have been waging war on renewables instead of running the energy network and it has pushed prices up.”

 "High prices have nothing to do with renewables or state government targets and everything to do with the Liberals' failure to properly run our national energy network. For all the Liberals’ finger-pointing at SA, electricity in coal-fired power states is now more expensive than under the carbon price.”

 “Electricity is more expensive in coal-fired NSW with state and federal Liberal governments than under the Greens/Labor carbon price. The prices in coal-dominated QLD are also soaring, helped along by the rising cost of gas."

 "This torpedoes the Liberals’ attempts to make the cost of electricity the political issue of 2017. The Liberals' war on renewables is holding back investment in new generation and driving up prices even further.”

 “If realised, Malcolm Turnbull's clean coal pipe dream would make electricity even more expensive, as well as potentially slugging taxpayers for the cost of construction."

 "To drive down prices, we need more renewables, more storage and a national transition plan."

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