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The recent national debate over the toxic culture in Parliament reinforces how far we still have to go to achieve full gender equality. Melburnians have shown up in their numbers and have marched the streets demanding better from those in charge – and if we use this moment of national focus, this decade can see big steps towards equality.

All of us deserve to feel safe and have equal opportunities in life, no matter our background, ability, gender, sexuality, income or postcode.

However, successive governments have introduced, and aggressively championed, policies that exclude, disadvantage or vilify people just because of who they are.

Australia is the only G20 country that does not protect the basic rights and freedoms of its people, either in legislation, or the Constitution. Without a Charter of Rights it is too easy for the Liberals, Labor or big corporations to take freedoms away.

The Greens will tackle racism, sexism, ableism and homophobia, and build a strong safety net so no one is left in poverty.

We will work to eliminate violence against women, and enact a human rights charter to ensure no one is stopped from asserting their rights and dignities.

The Greens plan for equality and justice for all will help make sure everyone can live a better life.

Adam and the Greens will fight to: 

  • Strengthen anti-discrimination laws 
  • Remove the cost barriers to accessing gender-affirming healthcare 
  • Invest $12 billion to support the National Plan to End Violence Against Women and Children and a standalone National Plan for First Nations Women’s Safety 
  • Double funding for women’s legal services and Family Violence Prevention Legal Services 
  • Close the camps and end offshore detention on Manus Island and Nauru, bringing refugees to safety and freedom in Australia 
  • Increase Australia’s humanitarian intake to 50,000 per year and provide additional places for those fleeing conflict in Afghanistan and Ukraine 
  • Free the refugees being locked up indefinitely at the Park Hotel in Carlton 
  • Fully resource the NDIS so it meets the needs of disabled people, their families and carers
  • Raise the age of legal responsibility to at least 14 years

Read more about our plans for equality and justice for all

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