Fair Pay for Retail and Fast Food Workers

Stand up for Australian workers and add your name to our petition.

To Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, 

An 18 year-old working nights at McDonalds shouldn't be getting paid less than the legal minimum wage. If the law allows deals to be done that underpay our lowest paid workers, then the law needs to be fixed.

People who collect trolleys and who flip burgers should be paid at least the legal minimum wage.

Malcolm Turnbull – get behind the Greens’ plan to protect our lowest paid workers.

Fairfax Media investigations have revealed workers being systematically paid less than the award at Coles, Woolworths, McDonalds, Hungry Jacks and KFC. It has been estimated that these companies are collectively paying about $1 million less each day then they should be under the award.

These huge corporations are not short of a quid. At a very minimum they can afford to pay the basic legal minimum to people working late at night or on weekends. 

It is clear that some of Australia's biggest employers are exploiting legal loopholes and underpaying more than 250,000 Australian workers by over a billion dollars.

The Greens are calling on Labor and the Liberals to get behind our plan to protect our lowest paid workers and ensure that they are paid at least the legal minimum wage.

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