Fight Dutton

  • Peter Dutton mislead Parliament over the au pair scandal. 
  • Peter Dutton is the chief organiser of the torture of children.
  • Peter Dutton wants to bypass privacy laws and bug your phone.  
  • Peter Dutton was an ardent opponent of equal love and marriage equality.
  • Peter Dutton joked about how climate change will lead to rising sea levels in the Pacific Islands.
  • Peter Dutton refused to join the national apology to the Stolen Generations.

And he may be ineligible to sit in our Federal Parliament. He's got to go. 

Add your voice to our campaign to kick Dutton out. 

Last month, Peter Dutton almost became our Prime Minister. And he might not even be eligible to sit in Parliament. 

We're amping up the pressure everyday to force Peter Dutton out of parliament. If you want to see him gone, add your voice.  

Together we can kick him out. 

Will you sign?