Fix Public Housing Now




Victoria’s public housing is in crisis.

Too many Melburnians are facing years-long waiting lists for public housing.

Overcrowded apartments are putting residents' health at risk. And residents face ongoing maintenance and security concerns in public areas.

We expected the Liberals to be bad landlords – but after a year of inaction from Victorian Labor, people now face a longer wait for urgent housing than they did under the Liberals.

Instead of backing the Liberals’ plan to sell off public housing, Labor must build more housing and fix maintenance.

Inaction is not good enough. Labor must fix public housing now.

We need to put the pressure on before this year's budget. Join Adam, Ellen and the community at 1pm, Wednesday March 9 at the steps of the Victorian Parliament to say it's time for action.

March 09, 2016 at 1pm - 2pm
Victorian Parliament House
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