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Early learning and childcare are essential services and should be free and guaranteed to everyone, no matter what you earn, where you live or how much you work or study.

The cost and difficulty of getting childcare makes inequality worse, with women bearing the brunt.

With the Greens in shared power after the next election, we will make permanent the pandemic-era shift to free childcare for all, and ensure that Melbourne families have access to services which are properly funded to deliver world-class education and strong conditions for workers. Key to funding this shift to free childcare is ensuring the billionaires and big corporations pay their fair share.

We will also extend universal access to early childhood education to 24 hours a week for all three- and four-year-olds as a critical part of a child’s early development.

Free and well-funded childcare and early learning will not only help young families with the pressures of daily living, but will also ensure ongoing, stable employment for our early childhood educators. Within a decade, we will start to see a major shift in educational outcomes for young people and a transformation in gender roles in our workplaces and homes, meaning a big step forward in equality for women.

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