Free University and TAFE

Everyone has a right to education, whether you are leaving school, changing careers, retraining later in life or looking to gain new skills and knowledge.

But successive Labor and Liberal governments have slashed education funding and treated students as customers and education as a business.

Everyone should have access to a world-class education without going into enormous debt.

Student debt has spiralled and the increasing cost of living is a barrier to higher education and training for the next generation of students.

No one should have to go into a decade of debt just to get an education.

The Greens' plan will fund unlimited free TAFE and undergraduate university for everyone, increase Youth Allowance by $75 a week, and boost uni funding by 10%, so everyone can get a access to a world-class education.

  • Free uni and TAFE
    - Provide free undergraduate uni and TAFE for all students
  • More support for students
    - Raise Youth Allowance, Austudy and Abstudy by $75 a week
  • Better funding
    - Boost university funding by 10% per student to improve learning and teaching conditions
  • Help young people get ahead
    - Tie the HELP repayment threshold to the median wage for students with an existing HELP debt
  • Support our staff to help our students
    - Support university staff by linking funding to increases in the security of their work
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