Greens Concerned By Changes to Terrorism Laws

“Changes which make it easier to prosecute, punish and indict Australians need to be very carefully considered and balanced against our hard-won and precious freedoms.

“We need to see the legislation and proposed changes before responding in detail however,” acting Greens Leader Adam Bandt MP said, “the changes outlined by Tony Abbott should concern anyone who cares about their basic freedoms.”

“Legitimate security concerns shouldn’t be used to sneak in draconian breaches of human rights and freedoms.

“Howard-era laws were already overzealous, so further erosions of our human rights and the justice system are deeply concerning.

“There is no question of the need for vigilance against terrorism, but nor must our freedoms be lost to overzealous overkill.

“Things like the right to a fair trial and the presumption of innocence guarantee justice and must not be eroded. These are the very rights some terrorists are fighting against too.

“Changes of this magnitude need careful scrutiny. The Government must allow time for proper consideration and consultation, and not rush them through Parliament.

"As for Tony Abbott's data retention plan, it would turn every Australian into a suspect.

“It is a plan to spy on every Australian and monitor what we do, say and read and that’s simply overreach.

“If the Government insists on progressing this highly unpopular policy, it will face a prolonged campaign against it, similar to the campaign that defeated Labor’s Internet filter policy,” said Mr Bandt.