We’re so lucky to have our public health system, where you get looked after no matter how much money you earn.

A more caring society

Australians are a caring people. We want to help those who are vulnerable or victims of circumstance. We want a society that creates the time and space for people to live caring lives. However, whether at work or at home, people are feeling under more pressure and less able to live the rich, fulfilling lives they want. Adam and the Greens have a plan to relieve that pressure, support people where they need it and foster a better quality of life for everyone. 

Universal public health

Adam and the Greens will defend and extend Medicare with a plan to support people where they need it and foster a better quality of life for all.

Getting Dental into Medicare

Because Melbourne voted for Adam in 2010, 3.4 million kids have access to Medicare-funded dental cover. The Greens secured this during negotiations to form the government in 2010. We have a costed plan to get the rest of dental into Medicare.

Supporting people with disabilities

Jordon Steele-John, our Greens Senator from WA, was instrumental in securing a Royal Commission into abuse of people living with disabilities. The Greens will ensure that the rights of the 4 million disabled Australians are upheld so that they
can enjoy full and active lives, through our infrastructure, education, employment, and service

  • Adam and the Greens will also fix and extend the National Disability Insurance Scheme.
  • The Greens will invest $1 billion in making buildings and public spaces accessible for people with disabilities.

Check out our comprehensive plan for an accessible Australia here.