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In a wealthy country like Australia, no one should be without a roof over their head.

Decades of governments have rigged the private housing market with tax breaks that favour big developers and rich property speculators. It’s time to think differently.

We have a housing affordability crisis, but Liberal and Labor want to wipe their hands of it. It isn’t good enough to leave this to ‘the market’. To fix this mess, we need government action.

The Greens are the only party who do not take donations from the big banks, big developers and property tycoons. Because we don’t take big donations, we can put people’s needs first.

Liberal and Labor back giving billions of dollars in handouts to people who own multiple properties, which just pushes up prices and locks people out of housing. Housing should be for all, not just the greedy few.

In Melbourne, house prices and rents have skyrocketed, squeezing the most vulnerable into extreme housing insecurity and homelessness and putting home ownership out of reach of young people. Melburnians are being pushed onto years-long waiting lists to access public housing, while overcrowded apartments are putting residents’ health at risk.

The Greens' plan is to build one million new publicly-owned, affordable, high-quality and sustainable homes.

Built over 20 years, we will clear public housing waiting lists, make housing more affordable, end homelessness, and ensure everyone has a roof over their head.

Adam and the Greens will:

  • Build and offer to renters, first home buyers and people locked out of housing new, good quality homes, in areas people want to live in, for $300,000;
  • Do this as part of our broader plan to build a million new public housing homes over 20 years to end homelessness and cut public housing waiting lists;
  • Strengthen renters’ rights by introducing rent control, banning ‘no grounds’ evictions and giving the option of European-Style long-term leases for those that want them.
  • Create 135,000 new jobs in construction and services to support Australia’s economic recovery as we build new homes and renovate existing ones

We’ll pay for it by making billionaires pay a ‘billionaires tax’ on their wealth and winding back unfair tax breaks for people who own 2 or more properties.

Learn more about our plans to address the housing crisis

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