Adam and the Greens have created a plan to ensure a high standard of living and to keep Melbourne liveable. 

A Home for All 

Melbourne's status as the most liveable city is under threat. We plan to address the rising housing prices for renters and buyers to maintain our city's international status by:

Sensible Planning

Growth in Melbourne must be appropriate and planned. Adam has worked with residents to stop inappropriate development. 


The Greens will build affordable homes and provide $500 million per year for transitional housing and crisis services.

Affordable Housing

Federal and state governments have dropped the ball on affordable housing, leaving millions of Australians battling with increasing costs.

Adam & The Greens have costed a plan to address housing affordability by:

  • Ending unfair negative gearing and capital gains tax hand-outs 
  • Building 500,000 new public and community housing dwellings
  • Capping rents to end constant rises
  • Increasing renters' rights, including European long-term leasing