Melbourne Says No to Inequality

It's time to make governments serve our community, not big donors. 

Inequality is growing. Young people are forced into a precarious world of rising housing costs, insecure work and expensive education. 

And now Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals have gone and given a huge tax cut to big business, deepening the divide between the billionaires and the rest of us. 

Join us in calling on Malcolm Turnbull to reverse the cuts to company tax cuts, and deliver a budget that delivers for our community, not big business. 

For the first moment in peacetime, we look like handing a lower standard of living to coming generations than what we have enjoyed ourselves.

Melbourne is famous for its liveability, but the the things that we love about our city are under pressure. Development is going gangbusters, but we're not requiring new homes to be affordable and we're getting stuck with what the developers want rather than what the community needs. 

Governments have been asleep at the wheel. Captured by powerful interest groups, too many decisions have been made to benefit big donors instead of public interest.

Penalty rates cuts haven't resulted in more jobs. A corporate tax cut won't result in higher wages. Trickle down economics is a lie. It's time to say no to inequality and fight back against Malcolm Turnbull's company tax cuts. 

Will you sign?