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In a wealthy country like ours, everyone who wants a decent job should get one and no one should live in poverty.

Instead, unemployment is high and insecure work is out of control. Many of the jobs on offer are crappy jobs with low wages and unpredictable hours, making it hard to plan your life and make ends meet.

To make things worse, the government has said that when we hit 6% unemployment – which still means two million people without enough work – they will start their ‘trickle down’ spending cuts again, which will plunge even more people into poverty.

But there is more than enough work for everyone. There is so much that needs to be done to tackle the long-term problems we face.

‘If we make the billionaires and big corporations pay their fair share, we can give a job to everyone who wants one on nation-building, planet-saving government projects.’

Only a government-led national jobs and income guarantee can solve the unemployment and wages crisis over the next decade.

From clean energy to aged care, Greens’ policies will create more than a million jobs. Additional government programs will be established in habitat restoration, energy retrofits and community services, restoring the country to full employment.

By moving to full employment and a universal living income, wages will begin to rise again, further boosting economic recovery.

In 2020, many industries took a battering in Melbourne. With our plan we can close loopholes and make billionaires and corporations pay their fair share of tax, using the money to grow new industries and support people so that jobs come back to our city and everyone can have a liveable income. We can transform lives and ensure Melbourne can bounce back better than ever.

We know the billionaires and the big corporations will fight our plan for a decent, guaranteed job for everyone with their political donations to the Liberal and Labor parties – but with our movement in shared power after the next election, we can make our plan for full employment a reality.

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