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Jobs & Income Guarantee

The Greens will put in place a Jobs and Income Guarantee by:

  • Investing in job-creating industry programs and infrastructure, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs and tens of thousands of apprenticeships;
  • Keeping the increase to income payments, including JobSeeker and Youth Allowance, and extending eligibility;
  • Extending JobKeeper eligibility and ensuring we don’t cut off funding before the economy is ready; and
  • Putting in place a Next Gen Guarantee for people under 30 that will give you free education, an income you can live on, or a guaranteed, decent job if you want it.

Next Gen Guarantee 

Under our plan, people under 30 will be guaranteed:

  • A free place at uni or TAFE, or an apprenticeship or traineeship, so that you can pursue your passion;
  • An income you can actually live on;
  • A secure and decent job if you want one, working on one of our exciting, planet-saving, nation-building programs in the industries that will tackle the climate emergency and build a more creative, and caring society.