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A home for all

What we love about Melbourne is increasingly coming under threat. Inequality is rising. Most of us can’t afford to buy a home and renters are getting squeezed out. It’s time to fight to keep Melbourne liveable.

Our plan: 

  • Sensible planning: growth in Melbourne must be appropriate and planned. Adam has worked with residents to stop inappropriate development. 
  • Affordable housing: Federal and state governments have dropped the ball on affordable housing, leaving millions of Australians battling with increased costs. 
  • Public housing for all: build 500,000 new public and community housing dwellings to tackle the public housing wait list and create new jobs 
  • Renters rights: cap rents and increase renters’ rights, including European-style long term leases 
  • Tackle homelessness: The Greens will build affordable homes and provide $500 million per year for transitional housing and crisis services. 
  • Make our buildings safe: we’ll keep up the pressure to ensure urgent action to fix deadly flammable cladding. 


World class public transport

Fixing Melbourne's Transport infographic

For decades, dysfunctional Liberal and Labor governments have failed to plan ahead and meet the demands of our growing city. Rather than build public transport infrastructure to meet community need, our city and transport options are being decided by corporations and big toll road companies, whose donations corrupt the policies of the major parties. 

Our plan prioritises clean, safe, affordable public and active transport.