Keeping Melbourne Liveable

Affordable Housing

It's becoming harder to find affordable housing in inner Melbourne. Adam and the Greens have a plan to build more affordable homes in places like inner Melbourne, including for students. Adam is also prioritising homelessness, with a costed plan to house our rough-sleepers within a decade.

More Liveable

Life in inner Melbourne is great, but brings unique challenges. Adam has worked with residents to tackle the growth in services apartments, deal with noise issues, get better TV reception, improve open spaces and fight for more school & childcare options.

More Creative Spaces

Ever noticed how many empty buildings there are? Wouldn't they be great places for a pop-up studio or shopfront? Adam and the Greens have a plan to work with landlords to make these buildings available rent-free as 'creative spaces' until a long-term tenant is found.

Better Childcare and Schools

More people in inner Melbourne are starting families. Adam has been standing with parents to get more childcare and school options in the area, including for boys in Richmond.

Faster Broadband

Adam and the Greens support a model of cohesive, sustainable and effective high speed internet.

Better Transport

We don't want Melbourne to become Los Angeles. Instead of building more tollways and increasing inner-city congestion, Adam & the Greens' plan for transport includes a rail line to Doncaster and funding for Melbourne Metro.

Sensible Planning

Growth in Melbourne must be appropriate and planned. Adam has worked with residents to stop inappropriate development.

More Jobs

Melbourne is better when everyone is included. Adam has secured a $6.6m fund to find meaningful work for people from refugee backgrounds and their families.