Join our Fight for a Living Wage

Inequality is growing, wages are flat lining and many full-time workers live in poverty. Having a job is no longer a guarantee of security. There’s a growing class of working poor and we’re starting to become a US-style society.

Working people need a living wage protected by law.

The Greens have committed to legislate an increase to the national minimum wage to at least 60% of the median wage.

We call on parliament to support the Greens push to enshrine a living wage in law. 

Tying our minimum wage to 60% of the median wage will lead to a minimum weekly wage of $852.60 for Australia's lowest paid full time workers. It means over $150 more every week for minimum wage workers. 

The national minimum wage needs to lift because:

  • The national minimum wage has not kept pace with this relative poverty threshold for almost 20 years. The national minimum wage is currently only 55.1% of full-time median earnings, down from well over 60% before 1999.[1]
  • Almost 1 in 4 people in poverty are working full-time, meaning we have a growing class of working poor.[2]
  • One million people – over one-third of people living in poverty - are in households where wages are the main source of income.[3]
  • Since 2014, the government estimates that the number of adults on the minimum wage has increased by 25%,[4] increasing the number of people in Australia who are living in, or close to, relative poverty.
  • Wages growth is flat-lining.[5]

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