MacFarlane Should Apologise to Scientists

Responding to derogatory comments made by the Minister for Science, Ian MacFarlane MP, Greens Deputy Leader and Science spokesperson Adam Bandt MP called on him to apologise.

 “Ignored, demonised, denied a science minister and heavily defunded, Australia’s science establishment has now been insulted by the very minister, Ian MacFarlane, charged with representing their interests,” said Mr Bandt.  

“It is unacceptable for Ian MacFarlane to insult the country’s science establishment when he is meant to be advocating on their behalf.

“Scientists are right to highlight the fact that this is the first Government without a science minister since the 1930s, a sorry exception that sets us apart from almost every other G20 country.

“The Minister should not only apologise, he should increase science and research funding and listen to what experts are telling him about the need to secure Australia's future."