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When our movement made history and turned Melbourne Green in 2010, we got dental into Medicare for 3.4 million kids. This election is our chance to return to balance of power, and get dental into Medicare for everyone.

We must protect and extend Medicare by bringing dental and mental health under our universal public insurance system. We need to get dental into Medicare for everyone and ensure your access to mental health isn’t determined by your wealth.

Our strong public health programs have protected us from the global COVID-19 pandemic, but we must continue to protect and strengthen Medicare and our public hospitals; the backbone of the health system.

Every day the billionaires and the big corporations are looking for ways to profit from the health threats we face. Melburnians must have access to the critical health services they need, without having to worry about how to pay for it. It is critical that we don’t continue down the American path.

Liberal and Labor give billions of dollars in handouts to the big corporations that run the private health system. Instead of giving public money to big corporations and billionaires, the Greens will invest that money in our public health system, supporting our hospitals, staff and patients.

This pandemic is not over and we must prepare for future pandemics over the coming decade by establishing a National Centre for Disease Control and establishing a public- owned mRNA vaccine manufacturer.

With the Greens in shared power, we will wind back handouts to the billionaires and big corporations and use the money for all of us, funding health reforms like bringing dental into Medicare.

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