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Galaxy poll shows surge to Greens in Melbourne

Greens Deputy Leader and Federal Member for Melbourne, Adam Bandt, says a Galaxy poll showing a surge in support for the Greens in Melbourne reflects concern over Labor's refugee policy and cuts to clean energy and universities. Mr Bandt says the poll shows that even if the Liberals preference Labor...

Adam Bandt addresses a July refugee rally in Melbourne

Here’s what Adam said to the thousands gathered at the refugee rally on Saturday 27 July 2013.

A family's refugee story

Karen is truly passionate about refugees. She’s so passionate that she shared her story with us. Karen hopes that by sharing her story we can see asylum seekers and refugees in a different light – we hope so too. “My family's story is a refugee story. My parents packed up...

Still no vacancy

Better work-life balance laws, world-class parental leave and more childcare places would help more women return to work.  

Are you enrolled to vote?

This election your vote is powerful and you can make a big impact by enrolling in Melbourne. When the election is called, you've got just 7 days to make sure you can vote! 

Meet Najeeba

Meet Najeeba. Her family came to Australia by boat in 2000, fleeing the Taliban. Indonesia doesn't accept refugees & the UNHCR didn't have the resources to help them.

Stop the East-West Toll Road Rally

Today Adam joined with 400 Parkville residents and supporters to oppose the East-West toll road. 

We will fight East-west demolitions

Adam and the Greens will continue to fight the proposed East West Link project.  Join Adam to rally to oppose East-West toll road on Sunday 21 July at 11am at Ross Straw Field, Parkville. RSVP and get more details here.  

Boosting Research and Development

Adam and The Greens insulated science and medical research from funding cuts. The Greens refuse to risk the future of our country so trailblazing innovation will be critical to our future prosperity.  

Standing Up For What Matters - Launching The Greens' Plan for a Better Australia

Today Adam and Christine Milne launched The Greens’ plan for a healthy environment, a caring society and a clean economy.