Add your voice: No Drilling

We've been shaken by revelations that Daniel Andrews and the Victorian Labor government want to invest in more fossil fuels, allowing over 1300 square km of pristine coastline to be drilled for gas, including potential drilling from onshore. 

Will you add your voice and demand Daniel Andrews stops his plan for offshore gas drilling?

Daniel Andrews is a climate change pretender. But now, instead of investing in renewables, he’s just opened up 1300 square kilometres of pristine coastline in Western Victoria to offshore and onshore gas drilling.

To avoid catastrophic climate change, we need to be rapidly transitioning away from fossil fuels, instead of drilling to find more. Drilling for gas will put our natural environment and prime agricultural land at risk.

This plan is absolutely bonkers. It’s dangerous and disingenuous. We have to force Daniel Andrews to reverse this decision.

If you’ve ever spent time on the Western Victorian coastline, you’ll know just how special this country is. The Twelve Apostles, Portland and Port Fairy are just some of the beautiful spots under threat if Daniel Andrews allows gas drilling to go ahead. When will these people learn that our pristine natural environment is not for sale to big oil and gas companies?

We don’t need more oil, gas and coal, we can power our society with clean energy. We just need politicians willing to take action.

Add your name to our campaign today to stop offshore gas drilling. 

Will you sign?