Adam's work with the Melbourne community

Melbourne is a fantastic place to live and is home to strong, vibrant communities.

A local for more than 17 years, Adam is working to support community groups and local initiatives that strengthen the links between people, places and cultures in Melbourne.

As your Greens member of parliament, Adam is an active resident - he’s connected with many local groups, including schools, community centres, environment groups, residents’ associations and sporting clubs.

Find out more about the federal electorate of Melbourne here on the Australian Electoral Commission's website, including a downloadable map of the division.

Adam can help you.

As your local representative, Adam's job is to help you with any issues and problems that you may have. 

Melbourne voters had a huge impact on the national agenda by voting Green in 2010, 2013 and 2016. Adam has been our strong independent voice in the middle of Federal Parliament fighting for what matters, including:

  • Securing $20m to restore and develop our local heritage in the Royal Exhibition Building.
  • Helping families with free dental care – 3.4 million children from low and middle income families can now access Medicare-funded dental care, and $500m has been invested in reducing waiting lists and training health workers, as a result of the Greens-Labor Agreement in the last Parliament
  • Establishing the Melbourne Employment Forum to enhance migrant employment opportunities.
  • Giving single parents on Newstart greater working rights and building momentum for a $50 per week increase for jobseekers and youth allowance recipients.
  • Increasing protection for fire fighters who contract cancer in the line of duty.