Make Melbourne Plastic Bag Free

Dear Premier Daniel Andrews, 

I want you to stand up for my community and protect our environment by making Melbourne and Victoria plastic bag free and eliminate other destructive plastic pollution.

Plastic bags have a huge impact on marine life, and are unnecessary. Please support the Greens' Bill to ban unnecessary plastic bags, micro-beads in cosmetics, and other unnecessary plastic packaging.

Will you have the courage and vision to take action?

It's time for Melbourne and Victoria to join with the ACT, Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania and a significant number of communities and countries around the world in banning plastic bags. Plastic bags have a devastating affect on our environment. It's time we took action here in Victoria.

  • Unless we take action, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish (by volume)!
  • Australians use more than 4,000,000,000 plastic checkout-style bags per year
  • Australians throw out more than 7,000 plastic bags per minute
  • Lightweight plastic bags take around 1000 years to break down
  • Plastic bag litter kills tens of thousands of birds, whales, seals and turtles every year
  • Greens MPs Ellen Sandell and Adam Bandt are working to ban plastic bags, microbeads, and unnecessary plastic packaging in Victoria, and to introduce a Container Deposit and Refund Scheme for bottles and cans

For more information about Greens' campaign to make Victoria Plastic Free click here.


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