Protect Christmas

Dear Premier Daniel Andrews, 

People working on Christmas Day deserve public holiday rates. 

Don’t be a Christmas Grinch. Make sure people working on Christmas Day are paid what they deserve. 

Victorians working on Christmas Day this year will unfairly be denied their public holiday penalty rates, thanks to a decision about public holidays announced by the Victorian Labor government. 

Christmas Day is a special day for many families in Australia. Working on Christmas Day means many people sacrifice sharing time with their family and loved ones, in order to keep our city and community up and running.

It’s simple: if you have to work while everyone else is spending time with their family and loved ones, you deserve to be compensated for this special time lost.

In every other state and territory in Australia, people working on Christmas Day will be paid public holiday penalty rates. But, thanks to Daniel Andrews and his Labor government, Victorians won’t be. 

That's why the Greens are calling on Premier Daniel Andrews to protect people’s public holiday penalty rates for Christmas Day. Join us.

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