Sign the pledge to Protect Clean Energy

Tony Abbott wants to wreck action on climate change. But there is a way we can stop him.

Tony Abbott wants to scrap the price on pollution and cut billions of dollars of investment in clean, renewable energy like solar.

5 reasons why we need to stand up for clean energy

  1. Global warming is already having an impact and it will get worse
  2. The Clean Energy Act is working. The first year of the price on pollution saw pollution drop by 7%
  3. The Clean Energy Finance Corporation is working. Already it has invested millions in renewable energy and leveraged billions more
  4. Clean energy is the key to our economic future. To have a more prosperous and secure country we need to join the rest of the world and switch to clean energy
  5. Tony Abbott’s alternative direct action idea has no support, all credible experts say it won’t work.

Over the next 6 months we are going to build on our successful election campaign to mobilise the community in support of clean energy and to stop Tony Abbott’s attacks on climate action. So we need you to get on board - pledge your support below.

GOAL: 4,000 pledges

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