Renewables not coal

Tony Abbott has Malcolm Turnbull under this thumb, forcing him to roll out the red carpet for coal. While Malcolm Turnbull is spruiking coal, Tony Abbott is running a full-blown propaganda war on behalf of the coal lobby and the dinosaurs on the backbench.

To push back, we're flooding social media with pro-renewables ads to try and combat their waves of misinformation. Renewables have overwhelming public support, but Abbott has successfully destroyed public support for climate action before -- and we can't let him do it again.

Add your name to our campaign to choose renewables over coal.

If we're going to save our planet from the climate crisis we need to urgently invest in renewables and quit coal, but instead the government wants to build new coal-fired power stations. Tony Abbott is upping the ante, harking back to his 'coal is good for humanity days' while joining another serial coal-hugger, Matt Canavan, to defend and promote coal at every opportunity. We can't let them get away with it.

Coal kills. 

Help us ensure that our energy system is built on clean, cheap renewable energy - not dirty old coal.


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