We needs renter's rights in Melbourne

Renters are getting screwed. The Greens have a plan to fix it. 

Anglicare Australia's recent analysis of 67,000 rental properties across Australia is staggering. 

Not one single property is affordable for a single person on Youth Allowance or Newstart in all of Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin or Perth.

In Melbourne, a garage was rented out as a flat for $450 a week. 

We need to give renters' rights and introduce rent control. Add your voice to our petition today.

Melbourne's housing is in crisis. 

A whole generation has been locked out of owning a home. Renters face insecurity, rising rents and a rigged system that treats them like second-class citizens. 

The Greens have a plan to fix the housing crisis in Melbourne. We will: 

  • Cap rent increases to end constant rises 
  • Build 500,000 new public and community housing dwellings 
  • Increase renters' rights, with reforms including European-style long term leases; and 
  • End negative gearing and capital gains tax hand-outs. 

In 2017, rents across Melbourne went up 4.2% -- over twice wages growth. We need to get rents under control. 

Rent control works. New York, Sweden and Germany are just some of the places where it helps keep rent affordable for low-income earners and young people.

It's time to get serious about fixing housing in Melbourne. Let's give renters' real rights. 

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